Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Thoughts

Just wanted to mention a few random things about our trip:

1) 6:30 am is just as bright as 8 am summer time in Texas
2) The 80 degree weather that we are enjoying is apparently July weather – very hot for them
3) Internet sucks here, period. Haha
4) Don’t ever ask an Italian for directions. They give describing words such as “over there” and “around the corner”. Nothing is ever where they say it is. The first night we asked where we could find a converter. They said “Ho Kay, turn right and then turn left. It is called La something or other”. We tried every possible turn right and then turn left combinations we could think of and never found anything!!!! Then a few in our group tried to find the ATM that is supposed to be by our hotel. “It’s at the end of the street”. Neither group ever found it.
5) I am apparently Italian. I was asked yesterday by a man at the Murano glass factory if I was Italian. I said um, well… no. He then asked if I was of some Mediterranean descent. I just kind of shrugged my shoulders. He said I looked more Italian than he did. Haha. On another occasion while we stopped at a gas station, the lady at the check out quickly spoke to me in Italian, telling me the price. I just handed over money and she said something else. I just said “Grazi” and left. I felt very cool that I could pass off as Italian. Lol
6) Gas is apparently the most expensive in Italy. It has ranges from 5 dollars a gallon all the way to $12. CRAZY!!
7) Our tour only consists of 26 people. Most with Perillo are 50. We are very lucky that we are so small.
8) People will do anything for money here. Today we saw women dressed in all white robes with white faces walking around making noises at people and sticking their tongues out. Very weird, but people gave them money.

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  1. love the pics!!! i can't wait to see ALL of them!!!