Monday, May 18, 2009

We're HERE!!!

So sorry that this update is a little late. Needless to say, we've had some issues. Haha. Currently we have only 15 minutes to blog. We spent our first 5 euro on internet time!

So far our favorite saying has been... "Working for the government is like Texas weather... give it 5 minutes and it will change". This came from one of the airport workers while we were going through the security check point in Austin. Apparently you now have to put shoes directly on conveyor belt and not in the bins. And they are very strict about this.... "READ THE SIGN SIR" from the meanest lady ever to the poor guy in front of us.

Our flights went well. We were a bit delayed because of bad weather in Atlanta but it was all good. We had a plane that sat almost 300. WOWZERS! We got to watch Taken. It was quite a good show. Then Matt successfully won um, Caveman? game. haha. All 25 levels. We each probably only got about 1 1/2 of sleep. It sucked. However, when we finally got to the hotel I think we napped for about 4 hours. So we didn't really go exploring the city yesterday afternoon.
After we woke up from our nap we tried to log onto the computer. Well after blowing our first circuit because we did not have a converter for our adapter, we decided to put that on hold. We met our group at 6:30 for welcome drinks. Mary, you would have loved because it was mimosas. We met our first young couple. And when we say young, they were already practicing medicine with 2 kids. haha. So yes, we are the babies. But they are totally awesome, from Canada. We then took off for dinner around the corner. Lovely time!

We had a 5 course meal (way too much food) and entertainment the entire time. The main singer is actually from the opera house in Rome. She was great. Que Sa Ra Sa Ra (spell?), Thats Amore, and other greats were sang. We loved the little old man playing the accordian.

He had the best facial expressions and little jokes. Dinner is where we met our other young couple. A practicing psychiatrist so yeah.. still babies. But there is a mom and her son on the trip as well. He just graduated from college so they are out celebrating.

After dinner we decided to walk down to the Spanish Steps. On our way we stopped to take pictures of some fountains and got bombarded by a man selling roses. Wow, after last night, I dont know that I will ever want roses again. Haha. We were confronted by probably about 7 people trying to give us flowers.

But I have learned to say no aggressively. lol! The Spanish Steps reminded us both of Northgate in College Station. The streets were closed down and all the young people were just hanging out there.
Anywho, our time is almost up. We are currently leaving the Hotel Cicerone (chi-chi-ronee) for the Vatican and will be headed to Florence after.

Update as soon as we can. Love you all!

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